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So much for cycle #2

Well, cycle #2 wasn’t very successful timing-wise. I probably ovulated on Friday, and we BDed the Wednesday right before. And that’s all!  Traveling on Thursday and Friday really messed things up. And the frustrating thing was I didn’t even want to go to this conference anyhow. Hoping for better luck in November!


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Cycle #2 O day soon

O day is getting close for cycle #2. We BDed last night but now I’m out of town away from DF, and this afternoon was the first sighting of EWCM. Of course. I’ll be back late Friday night and we’ll probably both be super tired, and Saturday is filling up super quick.oh well. It will either work out or not, and there’s not too much I can do about it either way.

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Cycle #2

Wow, the 2ww of cycle #1 really sucked. I nearly drove myself insane obessing over it. Hoping for a calmer approach this month. I’ll be surprised if it happens in Oct. though because it’s a stressful work month for me, and I’m traveling right around O time.

DF and I agreed to start planning our wedding for January 22!

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Reset button?

2 more BFNs, the pressure I felt under my right breast last week ended up being a pulled intercostal muscle (kept me from sleeping for a few nights), I’m coming down with a cold, and AF is due tomorrow.

Can I push the reset button on my body?

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So I tested today using internet cheapies. It’s 11dpo, CD 27. BFN. I know it’s not over until AF starts (probably Wednesday), but it was still disappointing. I was so obsessed thinking about it at the end of the week, and I’d convinced myself that I was pregnant. ugh. Next month I need to be a bit calmer about things!

I’m disappointed, but ok with it since this was the first month, and it wasn’t meant to be. Unfortunately next month I’m scheduled to be out of town on an overnight trip for work when I expect to O. Hoping we can still get the timing right.

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