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2010 ending with AF

In 2007 a good friend and I were having a girls night and talking about what we wanted our lives to look like in a few years. We both really wanted kids, but acknowledged it wasn’t the right time yet. But both of our timelines included being pregnant in 2010. It’s probably silly, but I was really hoping this would happen. I’ve wanted kids for so long, and it just seemed like there was always a reason to keep putting it off.

Now 2010 is ending and it didn’t happen. DF and I started trying in Sept, so at least it could have happened, but it’s frustrating that now that things have lined up and I’m ready my body hasn’t been able to do it yet. I thought we had a good chance this month, but AF started today.

Realistically, since the conversation in 2007 I’ve been through a divorce, dated, found someone new, moved, and started a new job, so I really should be thankful that I’m already in a place to start trying. And my friend got married to her BF from 2007, but they have to live long distance for a while, so they’re not pregnant yet either. But it’s disappointing when things don’t go as you hope they will. It seems to happen this way more often than not….


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I’d been tracking my cycle lengths for the 12 months before TTC, and they were all between 27-31 days. I’ve only been TTC for 3 cycles now, and I’ve already had a 32 day cycle and now it looks like I just had a 25 day cycle. I wasn’t expecting AF until Saturday or Sunday, but it looks like she’s starting today (Wednesday). Either that, or I’m having implantation bleeding at 12 dpo, which is a bit late.

I was really hoping this month would work out. Our timing looked good, and I’ve been feeling symptoms for about a week now. But if AF is starting early, it explains why I started feeling symptoms early.

In keeping with my last post and trying to stay positive, if this really is AF it means I can drink at my bachlorette party and not have to explain things to friends before I’m comfortable.

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