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Cycle #6

Sigh…  AF started today, so I’m on to cycle #6 of TTC. This sucks. I was trying to be so positive a few months ago, but now all of my reasons to be ok with not conceiving yet are gone. I want a baby! I don’t want to wait any more!

This will be my first TTC month that I won’t travel or have any other significant stress (like a wedding). I’m hoping a more normal month will help, and I’ll try Preseed this month. If cycle #6 doesn’t work I’m going to start temping. I’ll have an annual exam in April, and if I’m not pregnant by then it will be a good time to start talking to my doctor.

This is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. :-\


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Getting married on Sunday!

My wedding is on Sunday! I’m so excited and happy! DF and I have known each other for 25 years, so this feels like coming home.

Of course, I really thought we’d have a BFP by the wedding date, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Although…. the wedding day is 8dpo and I’m planning on POAS on 10dpo. KMFX for a happy honeymoon present.

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