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Appt scheduled with RE!

Wow, I called to make a regular ob/gyn appointment for a “pre-conception physical”, and was sent to the RE/Infertility Clinic first. I wasn’t planning on any big first steps; just a physical and thyroid level test, so now I’m kinda nervous that I’m starting with the big guys. Oh well. At least if/when it’s time to be more aggressive I’ll be at the right place.

My appointment is scheduled for April 18, which will be between 4-7 dpo. I guess I could start with the 7dpo bloodwork right then….


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Cycle #8

Cycle #7 didn’t work.

In Cycle 7 I started charting. I also started 50 mg of B6 half way through Cycle 6, and it seemed to make a really long LP for me (15 days), with spotting starting on the day when I should have started full AF (14 dpo). I started B6 because I’ve had a few shorter LP (10-11 days), but this month was very long. Maybe I’ll reduce to 25 mg for the next cycle. In Cycle 7 I also read Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

Other things I’ve been trying:
Preseed (started Cycle 6)
Replaced soy milk with whole milk (Cycle 6)
Cut my caffine in half, down to one cup of black tea/day (Cycle 6)
Daily cup of RRL tea (Cycle 2)

I’m starting to wonder if my thyroid is off. I might be slightly hyperthyroid, but I didn’t think it would be enough to affect getting pregnant. Last year my TSH was slightly low, and I lost about 25 pounds after that test, so it could be even lower now.

The plan for this cycle is to visit the ob/gyn for a “pre-conception” appointment. I’ll have them run a full thyroid panel on me and whatever else they suggest.

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