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Cycle #10

Yesterday AF started. Sigh.

During Cycle #9 I tried the whole mucinex, pineapple core, B6 (100 mg after O), baby asprin package. I also tried to avoid any other OTC drugs. I tried OPKs but never got a positive (but clearly ovulated based on my BBTs). This month I will use OPKs in the morning instead of evening.

On Thursday I found out that DH’s SA numbers showed low motility, so this weekend he started GNC Mega Men mutlivitamins, and he now has OJ and brazil nuts to snack on (vitamin C and selenium). I’m also going to try to get more veggies into us over the next few months.

Sigh. My RE feels good about our chances with IUI if we need to move on to that, so I have a good chance of being pregnant by the end of 2011, but I’d rather do it naturally, and sooner rather than later. I’m tired of the roller coaster and feeling really down today. 😦


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test results

I just returned from my 2nd RE appointment. My numbers looked good, but DH’s were lowish. The Dr. said we should be able to get pregnant on our own, it might just take a while. But he said that DH’s numbers were good for IUI, and he suggested that if we’re not pregnant by fall that we could move to IUI (with clomid). Luckily I don’t have any risk factors for blocked tubes, so he won’t push an HSG until after 3 failed IUI rounds.

So it’s both good news and bad news. Emotionally, I’m a bit frustrated because it’s because of DH that we waited a while to TTC, and now it’s because of him that it’s taking a while. But it’s good to know that there’s no reason why it shouldn’t happen, and we’ll have a baby when it’s time.

I’m 10 dpo today and got a BFN, even though I realize it’s early. My temps have started dropping, so I have a feeling I’m out again this month.


My numbers:
TSH: 0.985 (they like it between 1-2 for TTC)
Free T4: 1.3
Prolactin: 8.9
Progesterone: 8.7 (this was taken 7dpo and seems lowish to me, but the dr said it was fine- he just wants it above 5).

DH’s numbers:

Volume is 6.8 (normal is 1.0-6.5)

PH is 7.6 (normal is 7.2-8)

motility is 39% (they like it closer to 50-60%) (motility is the ones that are able to move actively, and this is the number he was most concerned about)

concentration is 10 million (they like it around 20 million) (combined with a low motility this means that there aren’t many that are getting to the egg)

motile count is 26 million (normal- they like it over 20 million)

morphology is 4% (normal) (Morphology is a measurement of normally structured sperms)

rate: progressive motility (grade 4 or A) this is the best

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