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Cycle #12

Cycle 11 was a bust in many ways. AF started very strangly, so I wasn’t sure what day was CD1. Because of that, I thought I’d ovulate around CD 16, and I was going to try timing BD every 3 days. However, on CD 14 I got a temp spike indicating O on CD 13. But it had been a few days since BD, so I panicked and made my DH BD first thing in the morning on CD 14. I wasn’t entirely convinced I O’d on CD 13, so I continued OPKs for a few more days. We BD’d on CD 16 for fun, even though by then FF confirmed O on CD 13. On CD 19 FF changed my CHs to CD 16! But I still never got a + opk. So, overall, our timing ended up being ok, eod instead of every 3 days, but I never got a positive OPK. This month my goal will be to figure out how these damn OPKs work because I will need to use them to time IUI if we go there in the fall. Two more cycles and then I’ll start making arrangements for IUI.


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