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2nd SA

On Friday we had our 2nd SA, and had a RE appointment today to follow up and make plans for the next step. Results from this SA:

Volume 4.4 ml
pH 7.6
Rate: Progressive Motility
Motility: 33%
Concentration: 11 million/ml
Total motile count: 17 million
Morphology: 7%

The motility is down a bit (39% in May), concentration is up a bit (10 mil/ml in May), and morphology is up a bit (4% in May). We were disappointed that the vitamin/OJ/Brazil nuts hadn’t made a bigger difference, but I hope DH continues to take all of these.

We made plans with the RE to start IUI with clomid next cycle, which puts the IUI in late October. We still have another shot at a natural BFP this month – next week, but it doesn’t seem likely.


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Cycle #14

AF is starting today, which means the start of Cycle #14. It’s also now been 1 year of actively TTC, which means we are officially considered infertile. During cycle #13 I ovulated while on a fishing vacation in Colorado. If peeing in the woods isn’t awkward enough, I also had to POAS while squatting the in woods. Then we had to “stealth” BD since we were sharing a house with my parents. But it didn’t matter in the end. I spent the 2ww in Puerto Rico on vacation, and was too busy to obsess about being pregnant, and I also didn’t temp during that time. It felt so nice to not think about things, and I was really hoping for some good news when I returned home. But no such luck.

So now it’s time to get serious about getting pregnant. My RE thinks it’s only MFI that we’re dealing with, and his numbers really aren’t that bad, so hopefully this can get fixed soon. I’m going to make arrangements for SA #2 this week, and we’ll get the results by the end of this cycle. Then I’m hoping to do an IUI during Cycle #15, which puts it at the end of October.

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