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7dpo progesterone test

I had my 7dpo progesterone blood test today, and my level is 9.9. My last (unmedicated) 7dpo progesterone was in the upper 8s. I took clomid this round, so I was hoping it would be higher than the first time. It still seems a bit low, but at least it’s close to 10. My RE’s office doesn’t seem to care much about progesterone, they say it only indicated if you ovulated, and I already knew that I had.

Just a few more days until I can start testing.


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IUI #1

I’ve just returned from my first IUI. It wasn’t so bad. I have medical procedure anxiety and almost passed out from my flu shot a few weeks ago, so I told the nurse doing the IUI, and she was really nice. The actual IUI was pretty easy, I’ve had pap smears that were worse. I’m glad it’s over now, and I no longer have to stress about taking the clomid or timing this round. Now I just have to wait. Which means this week I’ll be pretty good, but next week I’ll start going crazy.

Unfortunately I didn’t sleep well last night (anxious about today) so I didn’t get a very accurate temp today. But hopefully everything was timed right. My LH surge was yesterday, and we had 9 million total motile sperm post-wash, which isn’t a lot, but the RE said we only need 3-8 for a successful IUI.

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OPK rant

OPKs have become the bane of my existance. HPTs seem simple in comparison. You take the hpt in the privacy of your home, when it’s convenient for you. But no such luck with OPKs which are based entirely on your internal body’s rhythm.

At first I didn’t want to mess with opks. I temp and get a clear picture of my cycle from my temps. Watching other people fret over opk results just made me crazy. But then it turned out that we’re dealing with MFI, and the RE said that since I O regularly, we’d time IUIs with OPKs. I had four months to learn how to use them while we were waiting for DHs 2nd SA. I decided to use the digital test since trying to figure out whether or not one line was darker than another didn’t sound like a good way to stay sane. I picked up my first pack of OPKs at Target.

I didn’t want to use the OPK at work. How annoying to have to hide in the bathroom and wait for results. Also, I have so many random meetings that I didn’t feel like I had a consistent time to pee. I also don’t really want to think about this process while I’m at work, or have to uncomfortably hold enough pee for a good test. So I tried testing after dinner. The first month came and went, and I never caught my surge. The next month started, and I decided to test in the morning, before work. I got a positive that month, but no luck the following month. damn. This was an important part of the process so I needed to figure this out. And I was getting frustrated because it seemed like I could never get any sort of positive on any sort of pee stick. I decided it was worth the effort to do this at lunch time, and started to consistently get positives at lunch (3 cycles in a row). I also ordered a new pack of OPKs from Amazon (much cheaper than Target).

Then my August cycle started, and it looked like I was going to be in Colorado on a fishing vacation with my family when I O’d. Lunch time for 3 days in a row, all three days I needed to test, were spent outside fishing. As a female, peeing in the woods is awkward enough, but now I had to figure out how to pee on a stick while peeing in the woods, without getting pee all over me. But at least I got a positive test. But AF started at the end of the cycle.

During my September cycle I was traveling for work on CD 11, and hiking on CD 13, and needed to test on both days. So now, not only did I need to test at work, I needed to test during a conference, directly after I gave a presentation. Which also meant I couldn’t pee before said presentation. Then, on CD 13 I was hiking the La Luz trail with my dad. The trail is about 9 miles long with a 3,000 vertical foot elevation gain. And again, I couldn’t pee until lunch time, and we were out in the woods. And I was with my dad and didn’t want to keep hiding waiting for the results after I peed. So I peed on the stick, and stuck it in my backpack, and then had to subtley look at the results in a few minutes. And after all of that work, AF started at the end of the cycle.

Now I’m in my October cycle, starting my first IUI round. I took Clomid CD 5-9, and needed to start testing on CD 11. On CD 11 I started getting all of my work stuff together, but couldn’t find the handle of the OPK that gives the results! Crap! I needed one by noon, and had meetings from 9-12, with no opportunity to sneak out to run to a drug store. Luckily there’s a Walgreens on a slight detour to work, but I was already running a bit late, and had to quickly finish up my morning routine. So I ran to Walgreens. I got to Walgreens, and the OPKs I used were crazy expensive! The cost of the 7 pack was the same as the 20 pack at Target. And on top of that, they were expired! Because, really, who needs to work this hard at getting pregnant? I could have gotten the non-expired 20 pack, but they were even more expensive, and all I really needed was the handle, and I don’t believe the handle expires. So I bought the ridiculously expensive 7 pack. And I’m wondering if I can use the expired ones when I run out of non-expired ones. The box said they expired in June, but the wrappers say September, so I don’t think they’re too old yet.

And now we wait for a positive. Unfortunately I normally O around the weekend, and my RE’s office isn’t open on the weekend, so he does IUIs on Friday afternoons for a Friday positive, and Monday mornings for a Saturday positive. I don’t really like that timing, and have my fingers crossed for no positive until Sunday.

Why is it so hard to get pregnant? And why do I have to work so hard at this when the problem is on DH’s side. All he has to do is take some vitamins and finish in a cup when it’s time.

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Cycle #15

Ugh. Cycle #14 was my last natural cycle, now we’re getting some help to see if we can move things along. We’ll be doing clomid/IUI this time around, with clomid on CD 5-9. I’m nervous about the clomid side effects, and I’m nervous about the IUI. I almost always ovulate on the weekend or Monday — that seems even more reliable than the actual cycle day — and my RE isn’t open on the weekend. He’ll do a Friday afternoon IUI if I get a +opk on Friday, and a Monday IUI if I get a + on Saturday. I’m not thrilled about that timing.

I felt so resentful toward my poor DH yesterday. “Why did you make us wait so long?” “Why could you give it to someone else and not me?” 😦 I’m getting moodier about this whole process, and I feel bad that DH has to deal with it.

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