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Family history

It’s amazing what you can learn talking to your parents. I “came out” to them tonight about our fertility struggles, and found out that they had theirs too. My mom thinks she has PCOS, even though she’s never been formally diagnosed. It took over a year to make me, and over a year plus birth control and clomid to make my younger brother. Of course, the story she had always told me before was that she got pregnant with my brother the month she stopped birth control, which made me think it was the first month that they tried. And I found out that her sister (my aunt) had a hysterectomy due to endometriosis. I wasn’t aware that endo ran in our family.

I’m glad I talked to them, and I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t give me the “relax and it will happen” or other types of things that infertile people don’t want to hear. And they made me feel a lot calmer about the laproscopy.


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It’s been two weeks since my last ultrasound, and I had a follow-up appointment today. The cyst was still there, is still the same size (60mm), and the RE thinks it’s an endometrioma. He’s suggesting surgery, which I’ll probably go through with. I was wondering if I should seek a second opinion, but the stuff I’m finding online seems to suggest that there’s no other way to get rid of it other than surgery.

It’s possible I have endo elsewhere. It’s possible that getting rid of it will help me conceive, but also possible that it won’t have any effect.

On the positive side, my left ovary is still working. I had an LH surge yesterday, and the left ovary had a follicle about 19mm this morning, which is exactly right for O day.

Also, if I have a laproscopic surgery, they’ll be able to look around and make sure everything is working. They’ll do a dye test to make sure my tubes are open, and look for any other endo.

Right now my target date is Jan. 4.

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CD3 ultrasound

I’m back from my CD3 ultrasound, and the results are pretty bad. I have a huge 60mm something encompassing my entire right ovary. It makes my uterus look small in comparison. The resident and nurse started the ultrasound, and immediately started frowning and asking what something was. So they got another nurse, and then she got the RE. The RE said it was probably a cyst or some endo, but really he looked like he had no idea. So I have to go back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound to see if it will shrink, and then we’ll decide on next steps. I think the next step would be surgery. And of course, no clomid or IUI this month.

I had 4 people in the room trying to look at me and talk to me, and the stupid probe was still inside me, so I asked if it could be taken out. They took it out, but didn’t look around any more, so they never saw my left ovary. So who know, there could be something over there as well. I started crying as the resident and RE left, and the nurses were really nice about it and said it was good to know about this and to figure out how to beat it. And they both gave me a nice hug.

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Cycle #16

AF is starting today or tomorrow, which means that IUI #1 didn’t work. I’m also catching a cold today. UGH.

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