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A dilemma: you’re lucky enough to have money in savings, but it’s not a whole lot. You currently rent, but need to upsize to a larger house, and this seems like the time to do it. Luckily, the money in savings is enough for a down-payment. Of course, most people would go for the house. But, as an infertile, I also have to look at this lump of money as a possible path to motherhood. Living in a state without infertility coverage through insurance, it’s enough for most of a single IVF cycle. Or, enough to start the adoption process. But our house is already too small, and if when we have a child, we’ll need a bigger house. If we adopt we’ll need to prove that we have space for the child. Needless to say, the house wins. And maybe it will be an investment that we’ll be able to borrow against at some point in the future. Hopefully I won’t regret giving this lump of money to a house instead of a baby.

And, to add insult to injury, my payment for the laparoscopy I had in January is due three days before the down-payment.


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Lupron Day 80(ish)

I’m almost at the end of Lupron. When I finish my estrogen replacement pills in about 12 days I’ll consider the Lupron to be done, and a new cycle to have started! I’m starting to feel nervous and anxious about TTC again. It’s been so nice to be on a forced break and not think about trying to get pregnant for a while.

I’ve had a few (maybe 3-4) hotflashes this month, but it’s been getting warmer, and they seem to be triggered by feeling warm to begin with. I haven’t had insomnia problems like I did last month, so maybe the insomnia was related to the house and not a side effect.

The house purchase is still going well, and we should be closing a week from today! The sellers agreed to fix our objections and didn’t try to negotiate (although we really didn’t ask for that much). Last week was kind of slow on this front, but things should pick up this week.

I finally called to schedule my HSG. I asked to do it on April 23rd (today), but the Dr. is out of town. They only do it on Mondays, and next Monday we’re closing on the house, so the next available time was May 7. So it’s scheduled. And now I have to wait (isn’t that what we’re always doing as infertiles?).


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Lupron Day 70(ish)

I’m counting down to the end of my Lupron treatment! Side effect still haven’t been bad. Just some sleeplessness and a few headaches here and there. I haven’t bled or spotted in over 30 days now, which is the longest I’ve ever gone without AF. It’s been nice not having to deal with it, or with cramps.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with life right now. I’m trying to get pregnant, buy a house, write a book, and prepare to teach a graduate level class. Oddly enough, getting pregnant is the most difficult of all of these, which is exactly the opposite of what most people will experience.

The house purchase is moving along well. The inspections were good. Unfortunately the swamp coolers and furnaces are original to the house (1976), and the water heater is near the end of its life. We’re hoping that the sellers replace one of the swamp coolers. Everything else is still working, so we’re hoping to replace them slowly over the next few years. Luckily the roof is only about mid-way through it’s life, the windows are new, the carpet is new, and the kitchen is in good shape. We’ve submitted our objections and are waiting to hear back from the seller. Last night we got our title insurance documents. They’re written in legal-ese, and are very confusing to interpret. We’re still planning to close on April 30.

I’ve mentally scheduled my HSG for April 23. I haven’t actually scheduled it yet because I decided that they probably only schedule them a week in advance. I’m such a wimp about these things that I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some Xanax to take beforehand.


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Horray! Today was my last Lupron injection. Now I just have to wait for my body to get rid of it, and I can start moving forward again. Even though ordering the Lupron was really complicated, it only took just over 24 hours from my first call until I had it. Side effects are still mild. I had less insomnia since my last check-in, but my mood felt less stable over the weekend. It could have something to do with having two crazy boys around, juggling their crazy schedule, and trying to buy a house. Or it could have been the Lupron beginning to wear off. Or maybe both. I’ve really enjoyed getting my head out of the whole ttc roller coaster. It’s felt like such a breath of fresh air to think about other things.

Dentist. Check.
Cavity filled at dentist. Check.
Eye doctor. Check.
New glasses. Check.
Vet appt for my doggie. Check.
HSG. Sigh. I guess it’s time to move on this. I think I’ll schedule it next week.

Lose some weigh. Um, I haven’t exactly been keeping up with this one.

Buy a house! Yes! Our offer was made and accepted. Inspection is Thursday with a hopeful close on April 30. We’ll officially move in over Memorial Day weekend. Our landlord has already rented our current house for June, which puts some more pressure on us for things to go right….


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