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Cycle #24

Well, IUI #2 failed. It’s so heartbreaking to keep doing this over and over again. I’m going to try one more clomid IUI, and then maybe it’s time for femara.

We had a nice vacation, but since I was in the 2ww I skipped drinking, using hot tubs, or using the hot springs, all of which would have made vacation just that much nicer.

I had a massage the day before we left for vacation, and I told my massage therapist that I’d had an IUI the week before, but I wouldn’t know if I was pregnant until the following week. She looked at me blankly and asked if I’d just not tested yet. ugh. It’s sad how little most people know about making babies. I like to think that massage therapists might know more about the body than the average person, but I guess not.


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IUI #2

I just had IUI #2 today, almost 9 months after the first IUI (not exactly how I hoped to spend the past 9 months). The ultrasound showed a 9mm lining, and a 31mm follicle on my left ovary that was ovulating (very large, hopefully not too large). She couldn’t find the right ovary behind the endometrioma (I think the endometrioma is the ovary), but the endometrioma hadn’t grown at all during the clomid. We had 22.6 million sperm (awesome number for us). The sperm analysis was 22.6 mil/ml with 30% motility, after 4 days of abstinence (much better than our previous sperm analysis).

We’ll be on vacation 5dpo through 12dpo, so hopefully I won’t spend too much time thinking about things.

When we were standing in line to check out, the couple before us put $11,000 on their credit card for IVF. eek.

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