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Cycle #26

Cycle #25 didn’t work, of course. I took my temp at 12dpo, and it was a full degree above the coverline, so I spent the day hoping and wishing. But I took a pregnancy test that night, and, of course, it was a bfn. When I took my temp the next morning it was close to the coverline, so I’m not sure exactly what happened on 12dpo. Most likely it was just off that morning.

I started Fermara on Sunday, after another hassle at the pharmacy. It was called in on Friday, but when I went to pick it up Friday night the pharmacy said they never got the call. I called the Dr. office on Saturday, and they said it had been called in. So I called the pharmacy back, had them check their voicemail, and then they apologized to me and said that they hadn’t gotten any notifications that they had voicemail the day before, but it was there. I don’t understand why this process fails so often.

I’ve taken only 2 of my femara pills so far, but I can already feel the crazies kicking in. During this time of a medicated cycle, I start obsessively thinking about things until I’m all worked up about them. Normally I’m so much better at letting things go.

This cycle might be the end of infertility treatments. I’m tired of this, and I just want a baby. Adoption is seeming more real every day. I spent the past month reading several books about adoption. My only concern is the wait. The average adoption takes 2 years, and I heard that the local agencies say the wait is about 4 years. I could go with a larger national agency, but the cost is much higher. I can’t believe how difficult it is to make a family.


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IUI and nothing felt right

Everything felt off for this month’s IUI, so I’m not feeling especially hopeful.

On CD10 I had some horrible swelling/bloating in my abdomen. It wasn’t my stomach or intestines, but I was huge, and my skin felt really tight. My organs were so tender that it hurt to walk. The next day I was about 80% better, and 2 days later it was gone. I asked my RE about it today, and he said it might be my endo causing me to retain fluids when estrogen is high. He didn’t have anything else to say about it, other than there wasn’t any fluid in my pelvis area during today’s ultrasound.

I started Femara this month, and the RE changed the days that I should take it to CD3-7, so the nurse told me to start testing on CD10. I’d been ovulating around CD 16-17 on clomid (CD5-9), so I thought I might ovulate around CD14-15. We timed intercourse so that we’d have an optimal hold on CD14. I even had CM that seemed to be progressing to CD14, and felt so strongly about ovulating that I called and made an appt for IUI on CD14. But I didn’t surge, so rescheduled it for CD15. But again, I didn’t surge, so rescheduled for CD16. Again, no surge, so rescheduled for CD17 (today). By then I realized that my husband’s “hold” would be for 6 days, which I thought was getting to be too much, so we DTD on CD15. Yesterday (CD16) I didn’t get a surge on my digital OPK, but the regular ones looked ok, so we decided to go in today. This morning my temps rose a bit, and then during the ultrasound the RE initially wasn’t able to find a follicle, and thought that maybe I’d already ovulated, but then found one by my left endometrioma that looked ok, so we went ahead with the IUI. But, of course, the “hold” was only 36 hours, and with my husband’s MFI, it wasn’t enough, so we only had 2.6 million sperm, which is about half of what they want for an IUI.

The only thing that went right today was that the IUI was one of the least painful ones. I didn’t cramp at all when the sperm were injected, although, maybe it’s because there weren’t any sperm.

I’ve been seriously researching adoption after the discovery of endometrioma #2 two weeks ago. Getting pregnant is starting to feel ridiculously out of reach without a lot more medical intervention, which I don’t think I can handle. If this month doesn’t work (and why would it?), we’ll do one more femara IUI, and then talk about if we want to do a round of injectables, and then that’s it.  I think it will be time to start putting resources into adoption.

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