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Paperwork chase

Last Friday our out-of-state agency told us that our application packet looked good, and sent more paperwork for us to start. This week we applied to the local agency for our homestudy, and today I got paperwork packet #2 from them. I’ve already left our social security cards and my driver’s license at a copy shop for over a week, so I’m obviously feeling scattered and overwhelmed. But I’m also really excited that things are moving forward! I’m still a bit anxious about money, but I have a plan that should take us forward until the big payment is due at match. Let the paperwork chase begin!


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This morning I mailed our application to our (hopeful) adoption agency! We met with both of the local agencies, but decided to work primarily with an out-of-state agency. However, the homestudy has to be done by a local agency, and one of the local agencies lets you list with them for $500 if they do the homestudy. So, hopefully we’ll be listed with two agencies (the local one doesn’t do many placements, so I’m not especially hopeful for a match through them).

I guess the next step is to start making arrangements for the homestudy. But I might wait until I at least hear from the out-of-state agency that they received our application.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the money. I’m hoping we can keep up with the bits and pieces that are required before the lump sum at the time of match.

This doesn’t feel real yet. The application fee is about the same cost as an IUI, and I feel used to essentially throwing that money away every month, so it feels pretty much the same as every other month recently.

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