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Trying to stay patient

We finally met with our social worker last Thursday to review the homestudy. Honestly, I couldn’t believe she would show a client a report in that state. I would never give a client a report with that many typos, even if I called it a “rough draft”. But we got through it and pointed out the typos and mistakes. She said she would email the out-of-state agency the draft on Friday. Of course, that didn’t happen. After more communication, she finally sent the draft to the other agency today, but it still had some inaccurate information, which I emailed her about. And now, the other agency has to review the draft and approve it, and then she has to print it out, sign it, get us to sign it, and mail it, along with our medical reports and background checks. Our social worker seems to be really bad at paperwork, so this will probably take a few more weeks. She’s also bad with technology like printers and email. I think I do about 10 times as much paperwork as her on any one day at work.

I feel so frustrated right now. Our family is depending on this person being able to finish paperwork, and it isn’t happening in a timely manner.


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Waiting to wait

I’m not good at waiting. When I decide I want to do something, I move ahead and get it done. As I mentioned last week, we’ve completed all of our requirements for the homestudy, and the caseworker just has to type everything up. But this week is spring break and she decided to leave town for the week with her kids. I’ll all for a healthy work-life balance, but sitting around for a week twiddling my thumbs is difficult for me to do. If we were just using her agency, it wouldn’t be a problem, because I know our profile would be shown, but the out-of-state agency we’re working with can’t show our profile until they have the completed and signed homestudy. I just want to get our profile out there, and then I think I’ll feel less anxious (check back with me after I’ve been waiting a few months, I’m sure this won’t be true any more).

Speaking of profiles, we’ve completed our profile for our out-of-state agency, and it’s been approved by the director! Even though they can’t show it yet, I put it up on my Facebook page to see if my personal network might have any connections to an expectant mom considering adoption. I’m normally pretty good at keeping a divide between my personal and work lives, and I’m also a fairly private person with my more distant friends, so putting my profile up for the world to see was difficult. But I’m also glad I did it because you never know someone who knows someone….  But most likely, nothing will come from it. Since I’ve put it up for the world to see, I might as well link to it here.

Our adoption profile

I received nothing but support from all of my facebook friends. And I also found out that my ex-stepmother-in-law also had experienced infertility, had been approved to adopt, and then got pregnant.

Before I made my Facebook announcement I told my work supervisors about us adopting. They were all very supportive, and I found out that I’ll probably have 6 months of parental leave after the new baby arrives (the benefits of being an academic)!

We also made a different hard copy profile for our local agency to share with expectant moms. I went to the agency to drop it off yesterday, but there wasn’t anyone there (spring break and lunchtime). But I still left it behind, so they have a copy of it to show to anyone now.

But for now, I’m just waiting….  to wait.

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Quick update

Just a quick update….  Tuesday was our parent training class, Wednesday was my husband’s physical exam. Today I turned in our final paperwork, and we are verbally approved to adopt! Our social worker will type up the report and we’ll sign it next week! Our out of state agency profile is completed and just needs to be approved, and I’ve ordered our photobooks for our local agency! Just a few more days and we’ll be listed in both places!

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