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Our baby!

Our baby boy arrived on July 7, 2013 around 10:30 pm via c section after our birthmom labored for 30 hours. He was admitted for NICU to test for some infections, and then they found that his oxygen was low, and then he puked up some green stuff. So we spent 7 days in NICU, but brought our baby home yesterday! All of the legal stuff is going smoothly, and hopefully birthmother relinquishment will be this week. This has been an amazing experience. And the week in the hospital allowed for a good beginning to our relationship with the birthfamily. I think they are amazing people for giving us such an amazing gift. So far, life with a newborn is just as I was hoping. 🙂


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He’s coming!

Our birthmom was induced yesterday afternoon! Unfortunately she’s having a difficult time establishing regular contractions, so they’re going to have to start some more invasive procedures today. But I think our little guy is coming soon!

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Meeting the birthmom

We had our match meeting with the hopeful birthmom, and I think it went really well (in addition to being very surreal). I think we connected, and she and my husband share a similar sense of humor. She seems very resolute in her adoption plan, and I feel better about the entire situation after meeting her. I think she really wants her baby to have a better life. She said she chose us because we looked like nice, normal, balanced people. This is so crazy! I think she’s going to give us her baby!

Tomorrow we have to go shopping for…. everything!

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The plot twist

In all of the adoption blogs I stalk, I’ve never come across this situation….  Our current match is through our local adoption agency, and not the out of state one. However, I hadn’t notified the out of state agency about our match yet, because I’m so freaked out that the expectant mom will change her mind. We’re supposed to meet the birthmom in about 45 minutes, and I was planning to tell the other agency after the meeting. But this morning I got a call from the out-of-state agency that we’ve just been matched through them! Luckily (?) the agency is now closed for the long weekend and they left messages this morning, so we have the long weekend to make sure that we want to turn them down. The local match is better so far for several reasons, and I’m hoping I’ll feel more confident after meeting the birthmom. This is crazy!

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