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Cycle #13

Cycle #12 just ended. It was a rather unremarkable cycle. I finally got a + opk this time, so at least I’m getting better at those. My temps seemed a bit lower this cycle than last cycle, but I don’t think it means anything. My DH has been on his vitamin regimen for 3 months now, so of course I’m starting to hope it will pay off. If cycle 13 ends with AF I’ll be making arrangements to move forward with my RE, which means a SA during cycle 14 and IUI during cycle 15 (late sept).

I haven’t had any beer all summer, so tonight I’m rewarding myself with a nice bottle of Bl.ue Mo.on Sum.mer Ho.ney Wheat. mmmm

This month O will happen during our vacation time, and the 2ww will be spent in Puerto Rico. I know that “going on vacation” doesn’t help people get pregnant, but one can always hope.


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